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  • Engineering

    The provision of engineering services and equipment is vital to keep industrial plants in good operating condition. This is especially true for Chemical, Mechanical, Conventional and Nuclear Power plants. PAEC has therefore established its own engineering support setup, known as SES. The purpose of this setup is to provide state of the art heavy mechanical as well as high precision engineering equipment support to all the projects and plants of PAEC. In addition it has the capacity to provide engineering services to other public/privates sectors industries in Pakistan.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC-3)

    Heavy Mechanical Complex-3 has in house design, manufacturing, inspection, testing facilities and is capable of manufacturing heavy equipment of nuclear power plants, chemical & processing industries. All equipment are designed accordance with the relevant international codes and standards such as API – 1 stamp, ASME – 4-5 stamps etc., PNRA – Safety class 1,2,3, ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 certificate. It also has boiler manufacturing license from Govt. of Pakistan.

Pak-CERN Collaboration

Engineering Sector of PAEC