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  • Engineering

    PAEC, over the years has setup various and specialized Engineering departments dedicated to serve the technical interests of the Commission. These setups are well equipped, well versed and powered by dedicated and highly qualified personnel to provide varied services in the domain of Nuclear Power Engineering, Civil Works, and Infrastructure etc, through these setups, Pakistan is progressing steadily towards self reliance in many aspects of civil application of nuclear technology.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC-3)

    HMC has the honor of being the largest public sector project in heavy engineering in Pakistan. HMC-3 not only provides its services to PAEC but has also delivered various components to commercial clients as well. HMC-3 has provided numerous parts and components to K-2 & K-3 Nuclear Power Plants. HMC-3 has also designed and produced components for CERN.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    National Center for Non-Destructive Testing (NCNDT)

    NCNDT has been accredited by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) Ministry of Science and Technology, as a certification body for Personnel Certification Programme in Non-Destructive Testing. After this certification NCNTD can accredit Level I, II and III courses in radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrants, magnetic particles, visual, Eddy Current and leak testing. NCNDT is also working as regional training centre for IAEA in its field.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Pakistan Welding Institute (PWI)

    PWI is among the leading institutes in the country in the field of welding technologies. Apart from services, PWI is also tasked with training officials and technicians of different organizations.

Pak-CERN Collaboration

Engineering Sector of PAEC