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PAEC participated at Lahore Science Mela 2023, a large number of attendees visited PAEC Stall and were briefed about peaceful applications of nuclear sciences in Pakistan.                                                                         A delegtion from CERN, comprising of Ms. Charlotte Lindberg Warakulle, Professor. Emmanual Tsesmelis, Dr. Marce van Leeuwen and Dr. Lucia Silvestris visited Pakistan, attended CERN-Pakistan Committee meeting.                                                                         The delegation also visited PIEAS and COMSATS, Professor. Emmanual Tsesmelis also delivered a lecture at PINSTECH.                                                                        


66th IAEA General Conference

Pakistan Stall at 57th IAEA GC & Exhibition

Pak-CERN Collaboration

World Cancer Day

66th General Conference (GC) at IAEA

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission