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  • Cancer Hospitals

    Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission gives high priority to the application of nuclear technology in health sector. Through its 19 Atomic Energy Cancer Hospitals (AECH) spread all over the country, patients receive state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities either free of charge or at subsidized rates. Atomic Energy Cancer Hospitals are also involved in the national cancer awareness and prevention program.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine & Radiology)

    It provides diagnostic studies and therapeutic applications. Apart from diagnostic imaging studies, radioimmunoassay has made it possible to manage, in a more scientific manner, patients with diseases affecting various other glands. Therapeutic services by Nuclear Medicine include: Treatment of thyrotoxicosis, thyroid cancer and palliation for bone pains.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Oncology (Radiation & Medical)

    Radiation and medical treatment is provided at all NM&O Hospitals to all types of cancer patients irrespective of stages of the disease. The contribution of PAEC through its integrated program in radiotherapy of different kinds of cancer and allied diseases, has received considerable acclaim in the public.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Medical Physics

    Treatment planning, radiation dose calculations, tumor marking and treatment field assessment are the core features of cancer treatment. These facilities are available at all PAEC cancer treatment centers.

  • Nuclear Power Plant C-3 & C-4

    Teaching and Training

    Doctors and medical physicists from various hospitals receive trainings at these NM&O centers for FCPS, DMRT and MS programs.

World Cancer Day

Nuclear Medicine & Oncology