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  • Cancer Hospitals

    Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission [PAEC] is providing services in use of radiation in health sector since 1960s under the mandate of peaceful, safe and secure application of nuclear technology. PAEC’s 60 years’ experience of designing executing and operating cancer hospitals has resulted in establishing 19 Atomic Energy Cancer Hospitals (AECHs) throughout Pakistan, from North to south. One more hospital is under construction at Muzaffarabad, AJK. PAEC Cancer Hospitals cater over 40,000 new cancer cases with 1.0 Million procedures per annum, taking ~80 % of the country’s cancer burden. Patients receive high quality diagnostic and treatment facilities either free of charge or at subsidized rates at these hospitals

  • Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine & Radiology)

    Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine & Radiology)

    AECHs remain committed towards providing the best possible cancer diagnosis & treatment services to our patients, & PAEC is continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipments. The Departments of Nuclear Medicine at AECHs delivers the comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic applications of this unique specialty, which employs minute amounts of radioactive material called radiopharmaceuticals to study the function of body systems and organs, as part of managing cancer and other diseases. AECHs are equipped with latest SPECT-CT Gamma Cameras, PET-CT Scanners, Cyclotrons, Radionuclide therapy and Theranostics facilities. Ancillary radiology equipment like MRI, CT Scanner, digital X-ray, Mammography and ultrasonography/Color Doppler is also available.

  • Oncology (Radiation & Medical)

    Oncology (Radiation & Medical)

    Radiation & medical oncology facility is available at AECHs to cater all types of cancer patients irrespective of stages of the disease. The contribution of PAEC through its integrated program in radiotherapy of different types of cancer & allied diseases has received considerable acclaim in the public. Radiation therapy plays a major role in the treatment of cancer. AECHs provides latest radiation therapy procedures to cancer patients by dedicated & trained radiation therapy team. AECHs are equipped with Linear Accelerators, Cobalt-60 Teletherapy, Cyber Knife, Brachytherapy, Digital Simulator and Treatment Planning Systems are available for radiotherapy department. PAEC keeps on introducing the new technologies into the system like VMAT, IMRT and IGRT.

  • Medical Physics

    Medical Physics

    A well-equipped department of medical physics staffed by a team of qualified and trained medical physicists has been set up at AECHs. The department is responsible for implementation of quality management programs/ protocols of radiation oncology, nuclear medicine and radiology procedures. In radiation oncology medical physicists involved in simulation, treatment planning, technical evaluation, and accurate delivery of treatment plans of patients in consultation with radiation oncologists.

  • Diagnostic Laboratories

    Diagnostic Laboratories

    AECHs are also equipped with up-to-date hematology, chemical and pathology laboratories to give diagnostic tests services along with treatment under one roof.

  • Teaching and Training

    Teaching and Training

    PAEC provides specialized training to the medical doctors, Scientists and the technical staff to use the radiation in health. Currently there are ~2600 personnel working in these hospitals including ~250 doctors. AECHs are recognized in the fields of Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiology, Medical Oncology, Hematology for the degree programmes of FCPS by college of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan. MCPS, DMRT, and DMRD programmes are also being supported through these centers for training and research work. AECHs are providing teaching and training facilities to Postgraduate Doctors (NM, RMO) and Scientist (Medical Physics) in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) Islamabad.

World Cancer Day 2014

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Nuclear Medicine & Oncology